location: Chisinau, Moldova
photo credits: Ion Boicu
area: 250 sqm
project year: 2016
project completion: 2016






A contemporary property located in Dumbrava, Chisinau. The villa drawn its shape due to its limited plot area, it is surrounded by a small park and is situated near to a forest zone.  The couple with two growing girls has decided to move in suburb from the inner city, to escape its noise and bustle. The volumes was separated into three main parts, and aimed to create a central part of interaction for all family members.  The kitchen with its skylight passes through the cooking area of its island, which was made from stone and steel, and it goes into living room deep area crossing the wood wall panel and crafted oak stairs. The sliding doors located at both part of the line between dining and kitchen permits to ventilate the area in a faster way.  Another private area was created for the couple privacy, and contains a master bathroom with large window through which the one who’s taking a bath in the bathtub will relax watching the park area in front of it. Second floor represent the third separate volume of the house, dedicated totally to the girls, also they have the access to their own balcony which is connected with the roof top. Another clients request was to increase the capacity of dining area, due to the great number of visiting family members and friends. As a result was created a terrace connected with dining room through the sliding glazy door; this line is continuing to the kitchen and goes out to the barbeque zone. The privacy of terrace was obtained due to the concrete fence, which separates the garden view from the street. The house is build based on energy efficiency technologies, using recuperator and heated by geothermal systems.