location: Moldova
area: 550 sqm
project year: 2016
project completion: 2017

Marvelous Villa MASES – 4 bedroom 4 bath costumed for a great family house on 2400 m² lot, offering a great view over the local hills. Stunning home has beautifully high flat ceiling, polished marble floors, stacked marble walls, impressive fireplace, and rich landscape area with pathways in slab granite.

Living and dining area are connected with kitchen, and was designed as separate area for family reunions, the heights of ceil is 3.5 m.
The corridor and entrance area includes a separated bedroom, technical room with heating, cooling and cleaning control systems; also one separate bathroom for guests and family visitors.
The enormous master retreat includes Italian furniture in bedroom, separated bathroom, wardrobe and sport area. There is a kid’s area with two rooms, playroom and bathroom which can be transformed or adopted to other types of needs. The heights of this area is 3 meters and includes the specifically designed doors with same height. In design process were involved local craftsmen, specificaly making the 3.5m heigh of the opening cupboards doors. Also chandeliers in dining and living rooms were made by a craftman designed by the architect. The painting were made by the architect as a gift for the family. 

All bathrooms are covered in marble stone tiles.Custom built-in living and chilling area with fireplace is used as reading and relaxing zone near to ample view over the landscape of the plot. Spacious terrace for BBQ/kitchen and patio.The house is heated with energy efficiency technology, based on geothermal heating pump reducing the bills costs by five times. The house has an active air ventilation with recuperator that allows permanent air refreshing, also its includes an independent passive cooling. According to the client requirements, the architect achieved all the tasks in order to correspond with privacy and comfort needs of the family members. The fence wasmade in two parts, one in concrete with board ending , and another part as gabbion wall.