location: Stefan-Voda, Moldova
area: 325 sqm
project year: 2017

Designed for USAID Competitiveness Enhancement and Enterprise Development Project, which aims to improve industry of wine, tourism and leisure within Republic of Moldova. Located in the middle of vineyards in central Moldova, the Mezalimpe Winery is designed for a small wine producer from Stefan-Voda district, which is a part of traditional wine route across the country. The structure is designed to be accomplished from basic construction materials. Having in mind the culture of grapes and wines, the design idea recalls in a way the a modern interpretation of how people can combine the aproximation to natural site and wine degustation, to explore the grape harvest and winemaking. Tasting room pavilion is looking to accommodate 40 persons for wine degustation, wine bottles storage, chill out area, two bedrooms for guests, and small kitchen. The wine industry in Moldova is young, but fortunately full of vineyards and tasting discoveries.