residential – collective housing

location: Bucharest, Romania

project year: 2017

project completion: 2020

constructor: SC PROVOLK SRL

clients: Ecovillas Company



The 154 apartments complex is designed with attention to the living quality of its future inhabitants, due to the promotion and application of energy efficiency principles.

The form and position of the buildings were designed by the architect in order to make the connection with nature and views over the forest which surrounds the plot; also to seeing different volumes of those buildings when looking at them from different perspectives.

The interiors of each apartment represent the architect’s wish to fill up the space with light, air and views over the forests, making the windows floor-to-ceiling glass and structuring the frontal aspect of the buildings. The brick stone walls are used as a crafted design for the interior, the height of the ceiling was increased by the architect from the standard height to 2.9 m.

Facades represents the combination between wood structures and concrete panels, egress stairs were moved to the exterior of the buildings in order to free up the internal space, and to denote their construction as an evacuation exits. The way of using open and clear materials, the apartments are achieving the “loft” atmosphere.