creative center

location: Chisinau, Moldova
team: Dubinschi Irina,Dimitriu Denis, Ionel Ludmila, Brenici Anton, Belous Veronica, Arhip Tudor, Zamineagra Z.
structural engineering: Butnaru Anatol, Alexandru P.
manufacturer: Anteco Facades, Nayada Moldova, Cosmostar, Reviral Group.
client: Chemonics International
area: 860 sqm
project year: 2017
project completion: 2019




Creative center is set to become a platform, for creation of new entrepreneurs in the matter of Creative Industries of Moldova. The aim of ARTCOR is to interconnect young artists, entrepreneurs, media and film producers, and other creative profile individuals who want to become a part of creative industry. The design proposal aims to improve the quality of built environment of Chisinau, and specially to offer a new space for better development of creative industries within Moldova. Objectives are – to interconnect two buildings as part of one ARTCOR, to use authentic construction material, to achieve technical feasibility and cost efficiency, to use innovative approach to interior design. The task was to combine the multiple factors of design, and to obtain a socio-formative organized space plus aesthetic expression woven together. Also the architectural forms of the designed area will enable to maintain the relationship between the ARTCOR, students, visitors and creative industry entrepreneurs, because architecture influence our performance to accomplish our goals through its visual and spatial basis.