art-object installation

location: chisinau, moldova
area: 370 sqm
project year: 2017



Psycho emotional health of a man and society in general – is an intrinsic part of calatopos concept’s. As an individual the man is endowed with right for having personal space and to choose its habitat. The city as a system excludes this rights. It (city) makes the fragmentation under its needs, (forgetting about) excluding the human needs and putting the man at the second place. Rising the density of population and building construction the city excludes the personal space of a man. The man is always under pressure of “commercial benefits” of new constructions or under aggressive road traffic. Man forgot that his habitat is in natural environment, and not in concrete – asphalt micro-scheme. The installation demonstrates the efficiency of qualitative spatial influence over man. Being inside if it, the man as individual is capable to receive information without anyone’s influence. He is able to evaluate the color, transparency, smelt; personal space isn’t disturbed; he is feeling comfortable and kindly for concentrate himself and poring. The rising number of persons presented in the cocoon, is leading to the alteration of the space perception. The personal space/dispersion/ is violated; the person is losing its own evaluation; he’s losing his own opinion – it’s diluted; he is exposed under noise, breath and the tightness of the other who is staying by him. Social communication is more appropriate in open space, in natural environment. Getting outside of the cocoon, the individual is getting back to the society, into nature, into a natural habitat for him. The cocoon, remaining empty, is effectuating the function of art-object, of an accent, and is transformed into a part of natural sphere as a part of emotional expression of a man.