public & educational building

location: Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan
area: 2220 sqm
project year: 2014


Cultural center concept represents the crossroad of nomadic tribes and local sedentarism, and offers a pattern to make a plan proposal for UNESCO competition, containing blurring line, in which the upper building connects valley’s origins with architectural ensemble of the project. The elevation’s line, by its austere design can be interpreted as repeated aspectual form of the Bamiyan valley. The below territory is oriented to develop an area for craft workers and improve the educative process of locals.
Upper building includes an ingenious construction of water pump installation based on the solar batteries work, which will acquire the necessary amount of water for both areas, an important moment of this engineering system is that water extraction strongly depend on the sun, if sun is shining then the water is extracted, also another source of water is the river. Solar batteries will be installed overhead on the atop building, which is seen from south-east part of the upper entrance.
Next building situated in the lower area, includes a green line (green roof lengthwise the building), filled with necessary spaces for workshops, classrooms; performance hall is located at the foundation of the beneath area relief. The amphitheater will allow open-air performances and also will be used as public space for communication and relaxation.